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Wildlife Tours

If you would like to add a very special twist to your Montana adventure … ask your hosts for "The Map" for a self guided auto ride through the Jeffers ranch and wildlife areas.  Much of the land around The Jeffers Inn is open meadowlands with the Madison River and many tree lined creek tributaries bringing in the important element of water.

The wildlife here is extensive and very visible year round.  You may see White-tail and Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Antelope, endangered Sandhill Cranes along with other migratory and song birds. We often have Bald and Golden Eagles around the Inn.  The Madison River offers these majestic birds food and nesting opportunities.

Bird watching is very good from The Jeffers Inn and in the surrounding Madison Valley.  In the Spring and again in September and October wild Trumpeter Swans, Snow and Canadian Geese are in the flyway over The Jeffers Inn.  These birds put down to rest as they move south for the winter in the grain/alfalfa fields around the Inn.  It is very easy to see and hear these magnificent birds up close.

It’s not all about the large bird either.  Here at The Jeffers Inn we are visited by Humming Birds, and hang feeders for them and the songbirds.  In summer the hummers put on a show of speed and beauty for our guests. 

At The Jeffers Inn we don’t just love the birds.  Bats can be seen emerging from the Bat Boxes attached to the house.  The bats migrate here from the south and help to keep the bugs under control.  We rarely have mosquitoes … but have bug spray just in case.

Mammals large and small are also present around the Inn.  They include: Black Bears, Otters, Coyotes, Foxes, Beavers, Porcupines, Badgers, Raccoons, Rabbits and the ever-fragrant Skunks. Very rarely seen in our area, but very much in our thoughts, are Wolves, Cougars, Lynx and Wolverines. If you are a bird watcher, or big game lover – it’s here for you, all seen at the creeping speed of about 10 miles per hour.
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